This past Friday I swear my Canon 7D is a free ticket into anywhere. So this is what broke in my Epic day! After doing a photo shoot for Dr Inna for Brooklyn Laser. I went to pick up a check by the meatpacking district. Now I swear every week for the last 4 to 5 weeks I have been meeting women from Sweden. Same thing happened this last season except it was Asian. I swear from like Feb to April all these Asians girls just came into my life out of nowhere. Now every week especially on weekends it’s Swedish. Maybe it’s a sign or something! Anyway so anytime I meet someone from Sweden I tell them the exact same thing. What that is I won’t say but it always gets a huge response…

So these lovely girls invited me to check out their exhibition! It’s design week in Manhattan. So they said go up stairs and drink some Swedish Coffee. So I brought a shot of Espresso and then I took a tour of this great space.

So this is how I found out about Yki Nummi which is a Finnish Designer who is just brilliant. His work to me also stands for no excuses. I thought his work was exceptional and then I find out he is blind! Now I am even more blown away! This man was losing his sight and got fired from his job! He decided to become a designer and he is world renowned for the hottest designs light fixtures on the planet fresh out of Finland.

Then there was Vallila Interior. The designer Paivi Gronqvist this lady was gorgeous and had so much class. I was very fond of her I must admit! When my wife is your age may she be as graceful as you!

From Finnish

During this scenario valid points were raised as they discussed how people are now borrowing more items and reusing and how people are not staying in one place anymore so household items need to be a bit mobile and functional. And now with too many options available in the world. There needs to be more individualism.

My Canon 7D – Was all over Mari red head girl with the Glasses. I loved her style! She had a cool scarf on! She told me how in Finland people live the simple life and some don’t even have electricity some places. They still use oil lamps and they drink water from the well or lake. I said do the boil it she said no. I said wow that fresh huh! I must take a trip out there and now I have a whole new group of friends. Cheers to Finland!

GrindingNYC Tip – I think your brilliant like Yki Nummi… – Am