So had a great time last night. I hit the town with Goelaborate media. This was the opening of the new Gudrun store located at 50 Greene ST. First of All I had no Idea this was a Swedish affair.
Sweden which is my Second home. Watch this video shot by me EasyMac

So tonight was one of those nights. An epic night where I met people that will forever change my life for the better.
So the creator of this clothing line is such a sweet lady. and I have a feeling that ten years from now this style of simplistic clothing will be the hottest trend. One man told me he was not attracted to the models in the outfits. He said they look like farmers. I guess I love the farmer girl vibe.

Cupakes by Melissa it was my first time.. or second Im not sure but I’m now obsessed with the cupcakes and I’m not a big fan of cake. Me a cool dude from Antigua, The creator of Stylelikeu which I had no me is the Dopest website on the web right now.

A girl named Lawn Likethegrass, a German artist and her Agent from Canada that’s an inside joke. A girl named lyfe was repping hard.

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EasyMac Canon 5D – Was all over green leaves

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