This is what people on TV look like!! I did mini photo shoots while on set!! In respect to HBO I will only release photos I taken off set. You have to watch the show to see what goes down!! Can’t wait to see how things unfold for this New Season of the show. The show is a must see!!! Any New Yorker under age 35 should have seen this show by now!!

Ian Feldman who has crazy Swagger and Julian Farino who is my Directing inspiration and Icon! Boggie who is for my Photography icon next to Alexi Lubomirski!! Kid Cudi adds suaveness!! And Eddie Kaye Thomas who plays “Kapo” sat on my Easy Mac hat!! He apologized and I told him if anyone were to do so it better had been him! Brian Greenberg the most humble dude out of Hollywood and Victor Rasuk who seems to be always in character. I am surrounded by the best on this show and hopefully we can all learn a thing or two from their success!! On and off camera.

There was also a grip who showed me new tricks on my Canon 7D! I met a young photographer who was a great inspiration! The food was amazing! And the ladies forget about! I realized that to create something great everyone involved must be great!! The security! The P.A, The Grips, The extras were all talented not to mention Roman Candle Casting! It takes a lot of hard work to make something great! Yes mainly the stars of the show get all the credit and they deserve the praise they get! Brian, Victor and the gang do like 20 hours a day and still look good doing so! It’s not easy!! I see the hard work it takes and I salute them!!

This is a great show on screen and off screen. This is New York City’s own and we need to support it! So watch this on HBO where your favorite shows comes from!

Btw everybody loved my tie by This tie is a magnet!!

My 7D saw many beauties today but it was all over Maria. She came on set with her own swagger and got attention from the stars! She is the one wih cool necklace in tan khaki’s and is not hoochie momma out!!!

GrindingNYC Tip – Before you call yourself a Model or Actor meet the competition first.