So me and Sebastion Johnson stop by Club Novak to see Ari and check out new equipment at Oracle Film Group. Then later that night 2 of my favorite models from Wiz Khalifa “No Sleep” Video came out with me to Atlantic Record event for their artist “Alley Boy” Mixtape. Bobbi Jo and Sivan the music was good to listen to and he was a real humble dude. Kitty Gold came late of course! Then we checked Donnie Klang in the studio and snapped some photos with him. I was envious Bobbi Jo won some Beat by Dre Headphones by her beauty of course.

Ari has some new toys

In studio with Donnie Klang

From Alley boy Mixtape release

My dates lol

From Alley boy Mixtape release

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Am Canon 7D – Was all over 2 ladies both Blondes and have too much in common!

GrindingNYC Gems #37 – So many people have tried to be unique. Instead, they’ve all become typical.

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