It’s always a crazy feeling when you bump into someone you had no idea you would run into. So my day started out heading to the Wiz Khalifa Casting by Paladino casting.
I snapped pictures along the way.

There was a girl from Italy. Love the accent! Makes me think of Silvia Canavese. She has the Deuces up!

There was palm that ass in public

A model that could not get a cab. That made me feel a bit better.

A man who threw his shirt off and was like take a picture of me! he’s ripped!

Black and White with shades on dress caught my eye. She kept it cavalier!

Toure and a red head in his building I told her to get off the phone! I need your picture!

From The city
From The city

I saw Girl with Barack Shirt twice randomly.

From The city

Then Ari Novak and I went to momofuku. The craziest thing happen! This is only in New York I swear! I bump into one of my 7D lovers – Code Name: The Light
She just happen to be in town from California which she moved to. We had no idea we were going to be downtown. She was just stopping through the city and boom we where in the same place at the same time. We caught eachother right as I was about to leave. I was meant to see her.

From The city

Then Ari and I go for a walk downtown and we bump into two British ladies who remembered me from last week down by the Meat Packing Filming Quala music video.
They invited us they Blind barber. Which is a bar behind a secret door that looks like a barber shop and the night got a little crazy. Shout out to the Birthday girl!

From The city
From The city
From The city

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Am Canon 7D – Was all over I have to say the Birthday Girl! Her voice and people skills was on point and she can dance on a table full of glass cups and not knock down anything.

GrindingNYC Gems #8 – Make the best out of every situation. If you can understand this concept, you will always be happy.

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