Range Rover
If you all of sudden start to see a slew of Facebook Profile pics with your friend standing next to a white vehicle with the words Range Rover on it. Then it’s probably the Evouqe! I never been a huge fan of Range Rover until I seen this Vehicle The Range Rover Evouqe is Vouge!

I am cruising down the streets downtown after going to the lovely Finnish Exhibit! I see cameras flashing everywhere, and a crowd was gathered. They were also people hanging all above the highline watching down below and taking pictures. The way everybody crowded around I thought to myself “This must be Tom Cruise or something” No it’s actually the Range Rover latest addition to the family! This might be the best Range Rover yet! That’s what the crowd seems to think.

The vehicle became a mini celebrity and I am sure it’s the star in many Facebook Profile Pics. I have good news and bad news it comes out in September! So the good news is you have 3 months to save up for it! Best Range Rover I ever seen hands down. All I could think of is how good my lady would look driving this car! Something new to add to my bucket list Hahaha! So anyway I started taking my pictures then the Photographers who were cool as voque! Noticed me and were like “Hey you should hang out with us mate!” Yes they were British!

I love brits! I told them one of my favorite Directors Julian Farino is British as well! They asked me to come by the next day on Saturday to do an on camera interview! I said I would love to!

Amazing car and awesome film crew equals success!! Now this film crew name is Trigger Shoots and they come from the UK! They were kind enough to give me a tour of their equipment and tips on how to use my camera, not to mention some free Twizzlers from the craft table yay!

From Range Rover

This is the film crew website!! Phenomenal work!! They are worth every dollar!

The whole Downtown meat packing district stopped by to check out the ride and off course take pictures and pose in front of it! Even Bret Ratner passed through and took a peak.

What I found crazy it was a Friday night but it looked like the club hit the streets instead!! All the well dressed ladies stopped by and when they pulled out their phones to take snap! Best to believe I am almost positive it followed up with a text to their significant others! Because their was a lot of “I want that” The fact this vehicle is so compact and sleek it’s a lovely choice for this city. I would say though only for the hip, stylish and trendy.
If you see a lot of random Facebook profile pics popping up with a sexy white Vehicle it’s probably this new Range Rover. There will be a lot of Facebook Profile pics sporting this vehicle! I didn’t get to sit inside! That was off limits which is good because there was a policy if you sit in it you will have to buy it! That’s what I heard, That’s not their rule though I’m just saying because it was sexy inside you would fall in love!
The film crew was also using this cutting edge technology camera! The Alpa it is an Amazing Camera they Also were shooting with a Canon 5D!! The Big brother to my 7D! I was very impressed! I became a groupie, a nerd,

Link to view the Range Rover Evouqe

So I have to say Range Rover took the cake with this one! Whoever the designing team is should feel very proud of themselves because this coming fall they created a hit!! Can’t wait for the season premeire of Range Rover … SO if you can’t afford one take a picture and dream! You never know!!!

Unsung Hero – The bar across the street from the photo shoot where they shot Coyote Ugly! I believe they lost market share Friday night because the party was outside! Hosted by the Evoque itself and music by car horns!

My Canon 7D – Was all over the Evouqe this time off course.

GrindingNYC Tip – Closed mouths don’t get fed!