So cork does not only keep you wine fresh nowadays. You would be amazed by what this company Corque is doing with cork! I go into this Corque pop up store after I finished hanging out with Range Rover crew because I am obsessed with cork! I designed these little cork men jewelry that I wore as a necklace all last year. So there was a connection for me in this place. On Friday I got a huge lesson in cork, I found out it’s one of Portugal biggest exports! Now it’s the biggest craze and they are making amazing furniture out of it you name it! Check out All these cool things made out of cork!!.

So I meet Ana Mestre. She was in this place alone setting up and so she gave me a tour of all her work. I was shocked to know she was a bit insecure about the whole filming thing but she nailed it! She loved the video and I gave it to her and then she invited me back out on Sunday for the Design wrap up party! I’m excited!! I will keep you posted on what happened next!

From Corque

Am Canon 7D – Was all over this little stools made from cork. You can have so much fun with them. You can stack them up or spread them out like a snake. I love it!

GrindingNYC Tip – Nothing wrong with being cocky as long as you can back it up. Problem is people are cocky for no reason. – Am