We caught up with Elle King after her show at Bowery Ballroom in January.

photos by Johan Pouilloux
IMG_9233 IMG_9248 IMG_9269IMG_9335Did a lot of your friends do music too when you guys were growing up?
Yeah a lot of my friends were playing music too. We were all into pretty different stuff, but I was surrounded by a lot of kids playing in bands.
What’s some of your favorite artists out right now?
I think that Hozier is a really fresh, new sound that I respect and enjoy so much. I also absolutely love Dr. Dog. But I don’t know, I could just have huge crushes on them.
What advice have you heard that still sticks with you?
Be kind to everyone you meet, because you never know who they are or who they’ll be.
What’s a compliment that you find hard to accept from people?
Recently I’ve been getting compared to certain singers and musicians what were hugely influential to me when I was growing up. It’s strange because it makes you feel totally honored, but at the same time, I don’t want anyone to think that I am trying to copy or emulate. I’m just learning as I go.
Who do you have with you here travelling with you when you tour?
I go everywhere with my band and my best friend Bella. Were all family and happily inseparable.
What’s your next stop after this one?
My next stop is releasing this damn album!!! And then all the fun things that come with that, which to be honest i don’t know what they are yet. So I’m pretty much just ready to roll with whatever comes my way. But I’m SUPER excited to start playing some big festivals this summer. That’s something new to me and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.
What neighborhood of NYC do you like the most?
7. I really love where I live in Bushwick. But I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the Lower East Side. That’s where I learned how to get into trouble, and whenever I’m in the mood, I know where to find some.
Do you have any new music videos out?
No I have no new music videos out. Hoping to come out with a porno soon though.
Her album is out on Tuesday 2/17