It’s funny the ad for Range Rover Evoque is experience the power of presence. They are so right about that! I mean the presence of this vehicle attracted such an amazing crowd! Not only a huge turnout in the middle of Time Square but also I bumped into so many people I know checking out the vehicle. A football player from the New York Jets, a good friend from Italy and an Ex girlfriend! What’s the chances?

So Saturday came and I went to meet the crew of Trigger Shoots to do my behind the scenes thing and do my little interview where I let the world know how I feel about this Range Rover Evoque! It was a crazy day in Times Square as you can imagine. Once again the ultra sexy Evoque posed while the crowd snapped away at its glory.

The crew is doing a cool shot that involves a time lapse of all the people coming out to check out the vehicle. It looks like it will turn out really cool, they had cameras everywhere in Time Square even hidden ones in the W hotel above.

From Range Rover Evoque – People I bumped into

So then all of a sudden I see my Ex Girlfriend Dammara show up and this is the second time I bumped into her on the street recently. I know that’s a sign of something as well. I guess we need to talk. This time I saw her with a handsome looking dude. So I assumed she was on a date. So It was a bit awkward for me at first. I noticed she was checking out the vehicle but she didn’t come by to say hi. I tried not to get offended and then I find out that Range Rover hired her as a model. My whole Dammara story is a long and complicated one. Keep following me and one day maybe I will get into it.

I bump into Robert D Scott a fellow actor friend of mine! He is doing sketch comedy that is doing well! Cheers to him!

Then I bump in Silvia with the beautiful smile! She’s a ultra talented designer from Italy and I met her last year when I started my whole GrindingNYC crew thing. I snapped a picture of her bag where she braided the straps. She lives close to me we should link up this summer.

Btw – Dammara bumps into a dude that tells one of the crew members that she is one of his Ex girlfriends? If he is lying that is lame. Hmmmmm….. Tisk tisk tisk!

Am Canon 7D – Was all over Dammara. She’s gorgeous and she looked great looking at the vehicle even though she wasn’t feeling. So I snapped away for old times’ sake!

Unsung Hero – My man Rob who was a Rroduction Assistant on this Range Rover Evoque shoot. He had to scream over and over “ PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE CAR” I was like can you blame them!!

GrindingNYC Tip – It’s such a small world and the more successful you become the smaller it gets. – Am