So there were no celebs that I knew of at this Gshock event but it felt star studded to me. Maybe because the night was filled with many people I truly admire. Anna & Amir who I met for the 1st time around this exact time 2 years ago. Which is funny because it’s at a similar event (roof top hotel party). They walked up in there to my surprise. We worked on building up the Spost Love brand together. I told them how they one of the best things to ever happen to me. I always tease Anna on how if I didn’t have a girl we probably would have hooked up that night lol.

So while standing on line I met this gypsy – @keiathegypsy on twitter. I asked her why does she call herself a gypsy. She said because I’m always in the move, she was very funny. We saw 2 white dudes get arrested (like college kids) for smoking pot but some undercover cops. Very scary sight for me to see because I never seen that before. The city must really need money.

Then I see Erika who I call (Mrs. This Too Shall Pass..) I’m not big on tats but she has this cool tattoo with those words on her fingers. I met her at an Wutang for Japan art Gallery event. Cool peoples!

Then model Jaynelle Clarke walks up in there. I was happy to see her. She has presence and she is stunning. We work on How To Make It in America together. She plays a hair stylist. She actually told me some good news with her modeling and I wish her luck. She’s been grinding.

Then who I call “Future Girl” came into the building. She’s from the future she told me once. She always knows whats next! My face did light up. I have a special place in my heart for @Heydoyou Mrs. Yvonne Kai herself. We have a long history dating back to 2 weeks where we hung out like everyday. But with many goals to stick to and accomplish on both our behalves. We haven’t seen each other for a while.

So much props to the Gshock event. I left with a lot on my mind and the realization this will be an interesting summer.

Grindingnyc tip – The World is getting smaller, nights getting crazier, summer didn’t start yet. #uhoh