So these are some pics I captured for the Jsqluxe look book. This was also Killer’s first modeling job!! He did a good job once I was able to find him some treats from a lovely lady on the street. Mckenzie Liautaud is an amazing designer and we got along very well. I must thank my good friend Marie for connecting us. I loved this black and silver tie with safety pins and zippers. He gave me one as a toke of appreciation on Saturday so I will wear it on HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA on Monday. I will be on set filming with the gang!!! I can’t wait!!!

Click on this link to check out the ties..

The Model name is Sana Belal she is 18 years old fresh from Denmark!! She will be a star!!! Killer will make her famous lol
She did an amazing job!

Grindingnyc tip – Everybody knows how to act just few get paid for it. Am