So on my train ride I almost get my clothes ripped off this girl. I was shocked but I really respect her openness even if she might be a bit nuts. Anyway she said she is a rap artist and she took down my email before I jumped off the train. So far I haven’t heard from her yet but I decide to check her out. Here’s what I found on Youtube.

So after doing my photo shoot for jsqluxe by Mckenzie Liautaud. Killer got his first job modeling. He’s expensive to keep so he might as well contribute lol. We ending up meeting Sana Belal as featured posing with Killer. She is an 18year old model from Denmark. She will be a star I just know it.

Then we get invited to ROBERT GREENE Art gallery opening this Thursday. So I’m excited about that. Mckenzie, Killer and me Am will be there. Come through if you like.

GrindingNYC tip – Do what you do and tell people you do it. That’s how you become successful. – Am

Check out to see his amazing bow ties.