So Thursday night I met somebody from Facebook for the very first time in my entire life. Ida Nash – Code Name Dancer. We became friends off Facebook from The Ambassador herself. It was a bit surreal meeting for the first time. We just starred and laughed for like 5 mins straight.

So Then her good friend Frida shows up and we wisk off to Secret Sessions. @ Tainted Blue Studios. Sax DMA always holds it down and this party was epic! I rarely use that word.

Anca Davia and I had a memorable conversation on the penthouse roof deck and it confirmed a lot for me. I won’t discuss what she told me but I won’t ever forget it. All I will say is this stay tuned.

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From Drop Box
From Drop Box

Am Canon 7D – Was all over a blonde girl wearing a hood who can’t stop shaking her butt!

GrindingNYC TIP – When things get really bad hang in there because that means something really good is going to happen. Anca David