This Memorial Day Weekend.
I started in Les. I went to hang Jennifer Logue, Dani Tersini, and Domenique Profir. New York City cool kids! They are all performers and artist doing their thing in the city.

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Then I met this young boy on the subway who could easily be the next future child model or photgrapher. He was really good with the camera at age 3 he knew angles and how to work it.

Then It was off to Oracle Film Group – House warming/BBQ It was a goodnight there. Mrs Nelly P stopped by! I was happy to see her! Sax Dma and his team stopped by as well.

Then Timesquare was like a big party in the street. Most New Yorkers hate Time Square but I am begining to love it! It was an interesting night then on the train I bump into a guy who blessed me with some kind words! He told me no matter what put God first! I won’t ever forget it. Then he gave me some cinnamon Buns from PA which was so kind and perfect! He was an angel! Crazy night!

Am Canon 7D – was all over 3 lovely ladies.

GrindingNYC Tip – Work towards the day you won’t have to question weather you were good or not? AM