So Sunday Ari Novak called and said he could use a hand moving some items into his new apt aka Club Novak. So I help him and Dustin a bit and then we puff puff and away Ari and I went to the Meat Packing district. Parties were being held for New York City Design week. I wanted to see Ana from Corque because she invited out. Ari and I had a great conversation about our favorite topic the opposite sex and the constant battle of understanding each other!

From 100EOS7D

By the way that tattoo on his album and this is his words is an asshole! Ill!!!!!!!!

So when I show up to the Corque party it was over but Ana asked if I would be available for their VIP party with the Ambassador of Portugal on Monday. She said she would like to hire me!

Then I went back to the Finnish exhibit where they had this lovely chocolate cake there. I finished it off and I meet Minna! She was having a blast on the swing set! So I started filming her. We hit it off very well! Now I got a new Facebook Friend lol!! She was so excited that Finland beat Sweden for the World Title. That I have no comment on…

Am Canon 7D – Was all over red head next to dude with the stripes. ]

GrindingNYC Tip – The things I want to do I shouldn’t. The things I don’t want to do I should. Because that’s all the stuff that’s good for me. – Am