So Easy Mac and Ramen hit up the Bowery Ballroom to check out a couple of awesome bands. Heard some dope music from New Politics a band from Denmark, Twenty One Pilots, which was dope.


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Ramen got to chat it up with New Politics about their life on tour, check it out!

Ramen: You’re in Burlington Vermont right now?

New Politics: Yeah, and the weather is great, the nature is beautiful and it’s giving me a little extra life.

Ramen: Are you guys up there for a show?

New Politics: Yeah, we have a show up here and then hitting the rest of the country, it’s a jam packed tour schedule.

R: Is this one of the first tours for you?

NP: No, we started touring when we first moved over here. We haven’t been on a lot of tours, but we’re definitely an experienced touring band. I think we’ve played about 300 shows in the past 3 years.

R: Wow, so you guys have been pretty much on the road, nonstop, for the past 3 years?

NP: Well, after the first album we were on tour for about a year and a half, like intense touring. We took a year off to write our second album, and now we’re back on the road. Nonstop. Right now, we’re an opening band that’s making its way up.

R: So, you guys said you came over from Copenhagen. When did you decide to start touring over here in the US?

NP: Everything happened so quickly, because we were in Denmark, and got the opportunity to sign with a major label, RCA. And that whole process opened our eyes to where we had the chance to take our career, if we were good enough. Haha, so we definitely jumped on the opportunity. 3 years ago, we packed our bags and moved to Brooklyn where we’ve been ever since.

R: How incredible has the journey been so far?

NP: The past 3 years have been extremely crazy. So many changes, so many last minute things, a lot of chaos, but a lot great has come out of it all. We just jumped over the edge, and wherever we landed, we just picked up the pieces and built from there.

R: Your live shows are an incredible ride for the audience, from beginning to end. Can you tell us a little about what you experience?

NP: I don’t know, it’s really funny. We get a lot of comments about the live show like how people are so blown away with the energy and the power that we bring and stuff. But it’s so strange because there is no gimmick with it. Our show is really just raw energy. I mean we just go on and we like unplug and just go nuts for whatever amount of time we’re on. It’s like a party.

R: A party with the crowd?

NP: Oh, yeah. And the better the crowd is, the better we are. It’s really like a ping pong tournament. You feed off of each other.

R: So when does your next album drop? We’re excited about your new single.

NP: Yeah “Harlem,” it’s doing really well. May 21 is the album.

R: Dope, so we’ll see you May 29th at Terminal 5 with Fall Out Boy!

Check out the music video for “Harlem”…