So Am Media Group official kicks off today!! What a way to celebrate by getting our exclusive entry into the GMA Free Concert Series to Shoot Beyonce! We were honored to be up close and personal with the star and her amazing all female band!

So If I am ever requested to do a photo shoot with Beyonce in the future I would probably have to decline. Because I would become too spoiled! I took so many photos and I swear every single one came out great wow!!!! Nick Sosin took some amazing pics as well his photos will be uploaded after the holiday.

Concert goer pics

Check out the Am Media Group Reel! Let me know what you think?

Am Media Group Spring 2011 Reel from Am Media Group on Vimeo.

Here’s link to the website

Now Nick Sosin and I have been up for 30 hours now. We did video and Photography coverage of Secret Session #6 @ Tainted Blue Studios on Thursday which I will post those pictures up after I take a nap.

From Beyonce Central Park Performance

I worked with Beyonce and her family a few times before. I only seen her perform once briefly at a Jay-z concert but this performance was like surreal! I can go on for days of how amazing it was! She is a huge inspiration at the end of the day cause it’s not easy being her. She has the word “Once” In her name! So a chance to see her may only come around once in our lifetime. She is one of the best of our generation and a testament to Grinding, Sacrifice, Hard work and staying grounded!

This is just one of the many reasons New York City is such a great city because this event was open to the public it’s just like most things in life. The early bird gets the worm.

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Unsung Heros – All the people that waited from 2Am last night that didn’t get in. That’s always the hardest part for me to see the disappointment on their faces but it’s also a reminder of how blessed I am. But keep in mind it took me 10 years of GrindingNYC and hard work to get to this point so I enjoy every bit of it!

Am Canon 7D – Was all over I know you would think I would say Beyonce but there was an Asian girl who was one of her back up Dancers and this girl just caught my eye. I call it the Yvonne Kai effect!

GrindingNYC Tip – Closed mouths do not get fed!