So how did Killer and I end up at this strangers apt talking all night about “Gone with the wind?” Well I get a phone call from one of my biggest inspirations Ari Novak! He tells me he just got a phat new Apt on the west side in Midtown Manhattan. (Or club Novak he likes to call it) 2 floors with a private backyard and a rooftop! I stop everything and Killer and I hit the streets.

Ari is a Producer/Director and Ceo off Oracle Film Group. Check out this link to see his credits!!

It is an honor to know this man. I met him through Tim Brennan one of the stars and producers of “Year Zero” by Richard Cunningham. Ari and I go way back to days when I took all his money on my first time playing poker. Dustin Oneill was there too he’s a prodigy! He shows me a 3d layout of the apt that he created on the computer as they plan to trick the crib out! These two guys are working on a huge project and I am proud of them!

So we go to the rooftop where there was a big No Dogs Allowed sign. Killer came up anyway and he met another Yorrkie! They are actually very popular in this building.

I meet up with Emmanuelle for a bit she was close by I was happy to see her. Then Killer and I got invited to a house party in Ari’s new building. So I went and while the dudes were screaming and enjoying the game. All I know is that the Lakers were playing. My Knicks are out so I could care less. All the girls hated it and went upstairs. I happen to join them and we talked about my favorite film “Gone with the wind” The more we talked the less interested she seem with her man.

Mckenzie Liautaud – The designer of bow ties came by and surprised me with a nice tie as a thank you for the awesome photo shoot that I shot with Killer modeling. I love the tie and I will wear it on TV this Monday on the set of How to make it in America!!! Thanks Mckenzie!!!

Grindingnyc tip – If your girlfriend doesn’t like sports don’t force her to watch the game with you! If you do, better watch a romantic movie afterward!