So Ana Mestre is designer and Director of Corque. She hired me to take pictures at her VIP Portuguese party where the Ambassador of Portugal would be attending. So Monday night I joined the Portuguese, met the Ambassador of Portugal, and had a mind blowing night snapping pictures away!

From Corque VIP event 2

Number 1 question I was asked all night was if I’m Portuguese or not? Is Portuguese the new Jewish? Lol I say that because I like how they roll and support each other. Megan who helped coordinate the event explained how Sesame Street is how most Americans know numbers in Spanish.

I’m obsessed with cork! Now I am obsessed with Portugal and now maybe Portuguese women! Everybody at this event was so kind! Ines said taste this cake it’s “The Best Chocolate Cake In The World” The name of the cake is “The Best Tasting Cake In The World” I laughed she said no I am serious! And guess what it was The Best Tasting Chocolate Cake In The World” Literally! We can all learn a thing or two from that marketing!

Best Photographer/Future Husband In The World! – Okay… next to Alexi Lubomirski

Here’s a link to the Corque Website

So word for the summer. In Portugal I would be Fixe! The pronunciation sounds just like Fish! So I asked “How did you know I’m a Pisces?” She said no.. it means cool in Portuguese! So that’s my new word Fixe!!

lovely Rita girl with the red stripes blessed me with a Kikkerland Rocket pen she actually designed! Cork Drop stoppers by Corque are amazing!!
They say Portugal is beautiful these people were all a reflection of that and now I have many friends over there.

So girl with the glasses and curly hair invited me to the Javits Center tomorrow for the last day of the Furniture convention.

I was also offered to do a photo shoot by the Westside highway by girl with the cool earrings. I’m awkward on the other side of the camera but we will see!

Am Canon 7d – was all over a few people tonight
There’s Maria girl with the curly hair and glasses,
Rita girl with the red stripes Kikkerland Rocket Pen,
Ines and Megan the two girls who are dancing in my video.
Blonde hair, Blue eyes, Baby Boy,
Girl with the short hair and cool earrings Hott!
Model girl curly hair working the bar.

I want to say it was a tie! But that’s not fair! So Ana takes the cake! She just takes lovely pictures! I love her smile, she was very photogenic and I don’t believe she can take a bad picture. Plus she’s the boss! Beyonce shoulder dance to you! You run this! She’s like Nin Chitadze I could shot her all night!

GrindingNYC Tip – The only way I know to get paid to do for what you love, is do it for free until you get paying jobs. It’s really that simple.