So during Killers first photo shoot with

I hit the town to the Robert Greene event which Killer and I were invited to. I thought the colors in his art did bring an amazing energy. I spoke to him and he said it took him months to get that show together. So Kudos to him!!! Robert loved Killer and we did our photo opt.

To learn more about Robert Greene click this link..

Video of Robert Greene – Gallery Opening

Then I decide to step into “Micheal Glancy’s – Infinite Obsession” reception, which was across the street. I loved the sculptures!!! I bumped into a highshool friend who was kind or brave enough to offer me some stolen bottles from the gallery. Only in New York! I declined though. I am a huge believer in KARMA!!!

To learn more about Micheal Glancy click this link..

Video of Michael Glancy’s – Infinite Obsession”

Then it was off to the highlight of this incredible night!!! Kenna listening party! Sax did it again!! Good friend Robin Winters was there from Atlantic records we had a great convo. I was very inspired and impressed by Kenna as an artist. He had a view and perspective like no other. What stood out to me was how humble he was. He thanked everybody for being there and said without us he would not exist! Amazing artist! The song that caught my attention most was “Sunday after you” I wonder why?

Killer joined the fun!! The girls wanted pics with the ladies man all night!! My Canon 7D was all over artist Foushee!!
I wonder why?

Then after all of that Marie and Yolonda met up with me and we enjoyed some Mexican food on Cinco De Mayo. We talked about Sex, love, Men, women, relationships and God! It seems like that’s all we ever talk about!

Grindingnyc Tip – The only way to be original is to truly be yourself – Kenna

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