So EasyMac and Ramen get hit up by our new friend who asks us to come to Bowery Ballroom for some awesome music.

Turns out Chaos Chaos is playing which is dope because we heard this awesome song:


Ok so here are some pictures we took of them.

IMG_6517 IMG_6493 IMG_6488

Great, so we chat it up a bit.

And then San Cisco takes the stage. EasyMac was “impressed”, and that’s not easy.



So we chat it up with them and their Australian accents. Would love to give you their phone number, but we didn’t even get it!
Ramen: Was that your first show at Bowery Ballroom?
San Cisco: We played there first for CMJ and supported for Local Natives.

Ramen: How do you feel the crowd responded this time?
San Cisco: It was really cool! It sold out and I think everyone was happy to be there.

Ramen: Has anything changed for you guys as a band since that first show?
San Cisco: Well yeah we’ve been on the road for 3 months now and it seems to have tightened up the show, our set’s getting tighter, maybe better than last time we played there. I think people are getting to know the songs a bit better we’re getting out there now people can sing along.

Ramen: Has your show tightened up because of touring?
San Cisco: Yeah definitely, the more live shows you play, the tighter it gets, the more you know what you’re doing.

Ramen: Tell me how you guys linked up and joined forces.
San Cisco: I was sort of doing my own thing but it was getting a bit boring doing solo stuff so we decided to get a band together, and it’s just like playing and we’re all really good friends so it’s the thing we’re doing now. It’s more professional but also more than a job.

Ramen: Have you had other friends who had bands at the same level and then you guys all took off?
San Cisco: From where we grew up, Scarlett was in a band, and there was a really cool sort of group of kids my age that were in bands, probably like 4 bands that were playing around and began to get managers and stuff and that’s sort of how it went down.

Ramen: What’s it like having a girl in the band?
San Cisco: Do you mean what it’s like for Scarlett? She deals with it pretty well it is hard for her being on the road cause we have a tour manager too, so of the 5 of us, she’s the only girl! She deals with it pretty well a lot of girls would get caught up with us and our bad jokes, bad jokes.

Ramen: All the guys in the crowd were going crazy when she left the stage.
San Cisco: Yeah generally she gets some crazy dudes so we have to look after her haha.

Ramen: What was the inspiration for the Wild Things music video?
San Cisco: Our director looked at the lyrics and captured the feel and gave it this post-apocalyptic vibe, Lord Of The Flies, dark and twisted.

Ramen: So how about tour dates coming up?
San Cisco: We’ve got one more show tonight at the Troubador in L.A. Home for 10 days, then we go on a U.K. tour with Darwin Deez then home doing our headlining tour in Australia.

Ramen: And any upcoming artists from Australia we need to know about?
San Cisco: Yeah lots of good music coming out of Australia, Snakadaktal they’re the ones to watch.

Ramen: Drop some advice for bands trying to get to where you’re at.
San Cisco: Yeah I reckon you just keep trying to do new things. Don’t try any fancy things you’ve tried before which you can’t do. Strive to do things you haven’t done before and go in a new direction.

Ramen: Were there people that helped you out, producers or mentors that taught you that?
San Cisco: Yeah we have a producer Steven Schram, he’s really cool and taught us a lot about finding stuff out through recording new things and he’s shed on that path, we like to record everything live, and if it’s live there’s a bit more vibe not so 2D, and I think there’s something about the character of it, something to it, definitely something we learned from him.

Ramen: Anything you want to share with your fans?
San Cisco: Thanks for coming out, we’ll be back in America for Lollapalooza, and playing a bunch of shows around then!