So I was honored to go to Wiz Khalifa casting for his upcoming Music video by Paladino Casting. Lori Malkin was the the boss lady who made sure all the models knew their ques and was in and out. Paladino Casting has been in the game for years and they did casting for one of my favorite videos that I happen to work on Jay-z DOA. Just by the photos I captured you can tell this Wiz video is going to be Hott! So who is your favorite so far?

– So we had a model who was running late
– One trying to hail a cab
– A fan of The X
– Photos of me dancing and capturing the models at the same time
– GrindingNYC artist to watch Quala! That’s the boy with the hat that says “Do the white Girl” The hat title will make more sense to you in a few. Stay tuned! GrindinNYC got him to audition for this video! So let’s see what happens! He’s a star nonetheless!

The competition

From Wiz Kahlifia Casting

GrindingNYC artist to watch – Quala

From Wiz Kahlifia Casting

The Boss – Lori Malkin –

From Wiz Kahlifia Casting

Check out Paladino Casting credits

From Wiz Kahlifia Casting
From Wiz Kahlifia Casting

If we have taken your picture then you are a star!

Am Canon 7D – Was all over she’s Asian but which one was my favorite? The Yvonne Kai effect is still in motion!

GrindingNYC Gems – #23 – Don’t try to like what you do. Do what you like.

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