I just asked a question. If you could have everything and anything you really want… Do you think you could really handle it? I find that one of the scariest things that can happen to you is not a nightmare coming through but a dream coming through.

Imagine this you wake up in the morning in NYC and somebody towed your car. I am sure you would be very upset but part of you would at the same time not be too surprised. It’s like we live life expecting for bad things to happen.

Now imagine if you woke up and said to yourself “Man I wish I had a ferrari!” Imagine right after you said that somebody rings your doorbell and hands you keys to a brand new ferrari. I am sure you would freak out and be like no this is too good to be true. How many of us would jump into the car and just drive it. We would probably look for bombs underneath the vehicle. We would call our parents and ask them what they think even though we hate their advice. We would maybe even call the police or a lawyer.

We would all be like this is too good to be true. Well that same thing applies to life. Living a life where your possibilities are endless. WHere things work out in your favor and everything you want slowly starts to fall into place. Right now I am working towards my goals in the best way I know how. I can say first handily that it gets scary sometimes. Especially when things start to work out. Which I feel like is kind of sad but hey it’s the world we live in.

Anyway I do believe personally and hopefully I can be an example of this. If your keep a spiritual side to yourself and acknowledge there is a God then you could achieve all that you dream of. You don’t have to believe or agree with me. Like I said hopefully I can be an example of that very fact. All I know is that I have some dreams and aspirations and I am working towards them.

More and more I can see things falling into place and I must thank everybody that maybe taking out there time to read this. I must thank all those who are around me and support me. You know who you are and I hope you feel proud because you all help me to be the person I am today. I am very inspired by you all. Thank you