So here are some Grinders! I hope my mother does not see these pictures. So after shooting the Range Rover Evoque there was this man who was stuffing these critters into his mouth. Now I do think it’s a bit unsettling but I respect his hustle. He charges you a dollar to snap his picture and I will say this man is getting paid! I believe he made at least 6 hundred for the few hours he’s been out there.

From Rats

The Ghost Busters were out promoting their show they are definitely Grinding.
If that guy goes by the name “Naked Cow Boy” then this dude I call “Diesel Black Dude” If you are from New York City I am sure you seen this man before! He does this even in the winter. Somehow he gets paid for it! I mean who wouldn’t hire a man like this to train them!

So going home now from the Range Rover Evoque shoot I see what I been seeing a lot recently. These young men holding signs telling the world the world will be over on May 21st 2011. This caught my attention this time because they were talking to a girl with fishnet stockings on that the way she was dress came off a certain way to me. So I wanted to hear what she had to say. Now I believe in God, I go to church every Sunday and all. I am also very opened minded. I don’t feel like I really believe this though. For one I am a strong believer in the bible so in Revelations where it discusses the last days in great detail and all the revelations in my have not come to pass yet like the mark of the beast. This is all my opinion off course.
Now I asked the great question how do you guys know? They said that since they are special children of God I believe they have all been giving this date. So I’m like how come I never heard of it? Oh I did from them I guess!

What I will say is this. I think this is what gives the bible, faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ a bad name. Let’s say they are wrong now people will be like see! Why should I believe what they say! It’s the boy who cried wolf effect. I also asked what will they do if this does not happen. Their answer which impressed me was “It will happen bottom line” I commend them for spreading their message though. Their intentions I think is in the right place but I’m not sure if it will have the right outcome. You know what they say about intentions.

So I will have to say I do not agree with the whole world going to end concept on May 21st 2011. But let’s say a crazy rain storm or something happens On May 21st I will probably run my behind to the closes church lol just keep it real! Oh and I want you to know I love you…

GrindingNYC Tip – Always follow your instincts!