No men hit on me today which was great they just stared. So Yvonne Kai celebrated her Bday in Style This Sunday. She had gift bags (Notice the cool shades we are all wearing) Drinks and Brunch was all on her tab at
Alma 33
33 W8th Street

Check out her blog
Over 40,000 hits a month! I think She’s going to be famous!

Crazy girl picked a crazy day to celebrate. The Gay Pride Parade was right outside. So it was straight up chaos! But it was such a great party with Pool Vodka Sponsoring!

Nick Sosin ended up doing a guest starring spot Bartending. What an Epic day really.
Everybody loved the Pool Vodka including me. Shout ot to AP Marketing for provided the drinks.

I love my asian lovers!
And I’m not telling you all the things I would love to tell you. Sorry!

From Heydoyou Bday

Am Canon 7D – Was all over girl with the red shorts and Pony tail!! Joey!!! Ouch!!! But really it was on my “Self proclaimed Muse” Yvonne Fly Kai – Future Girl

GrindingNYC Tip – Nothing Last forever but good memories might be the exception.