So Zander Bleck stopped by Toure Designs’ showroom. Toure is one of our clients, he’s celebrity designer who created the Trey Songz jacket for BET awards and Wiz Khalifa’s Army vest, plus he did some work for Miss USA and his clothes are everywhere on tv. Notice the new shirts we are all wearing? Those are Toure Designs. So Ramen and Easy Mac were at the office picking up t-shirts for our Starving Artist clothing line coming soon and we got a chance to meet the artist Zander Bleck. Now I swear, he is going to be a hit with the ladies. He’s recently toured with Lady Gaga and we will check out his music video and perhaps capture some behind the scenes footage. Stay tuned!!

From Zander Bleck @ Toure Designs Showroom

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Am Canon 7D – Was all over the next big rock star.

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